Another Tale about David

Samuel was prophet in Israel at this time. Saul was king over Israel. God rejected Saul because he wouldn’t obey and follow God. Samuel prayed that God would change His mind. God told him to stop praying for Saul. God had chosen another. He told Samuel to go to Bethlehem. Samuel obeyed God. As he entered Bethlehem, people became afraid that he came to their town to bring God’s vengeance. Jesse, being a town leader, came to Samuel to ask him what he was doing in their town. Samuel said that he had come to offer a sacrifice to God with Jesse and his family. Jesse and his sons purified themselves for the sacrifice. After the sacrifice, Samuel had Jesse to present his sons one by one to him. As each one came before Samuel, he asked God if this was the one who was to be king. Each time God said no. Finally all 7 sons were presented and Samuel asked if there were any more. Jesse said yes. His youngest son was tending the sheep in the fields. Samuel said go and get him. When David enter the house, God spoke to Samuel and said this is the king of Israel. Samuel anointed David with oil and prayed a blessing over him. David didn’t quite understand exactly what was going on. But he was willing to do whatever God said to do. David didn’t leave for the palace. He went back to tending the sheep in the fields, practicing his skills as a shepherd. Skills I would say that he needed when he was king of Israel. Never despise small beginnings. For whoever is faithful in the small things will be faithful in the large.

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