Tales from David’s Kingdom

David was only a teenager when he was anointed to be king. He didn’t leave his father’s home for several years. During that time Israel went to war with the Philistines. Did you know that they are still there? They are called Palestinians today. In David’s day only men of certain age would go to war. The king would put out the call and the men would gather. David’s older brothers went. David wanted to go and see what was going on. So his father sent food for his brothers with David. When he arrived the Israelite army was camped on one side of the valley and the Philistines on the other side. David greeted his brothers and asked how it was going. They told him of the giant, Goliath. This giant would stand in the middle of the valley and dare anyone to come out and fight him. The giant Goliath was 9 feet tall and had a spear that looked like a large poll. He had a person to carry his shield in front of him. No Israelite would even dare to go out and met him. This angered David so much that he said he would go out and face Goliath. His brothers told him to be quiet and go back to his sheep. David spoke out even more until it was told to King Saul what he had said. David was brought before the king. He asked him what he had said. David said that he would go out and face Goliath. He was an affront to God and the kingdom of Israel. David also said that he had killed a lion and a bear and wasn’t afraid of this uncircumcised Philistine. The king offered his armour but David said he didn’t need it. He picked up some smooth river stones that ran in the valley. The giant laughed at David. He told the giant that he would cut off his head. The giant throw his spear at David and missed. David took a stone and his sling and shot a rock at the giant. The stone hit his forehead and God pushed it into his head. The giant fell down. David ran up on him and drew his sword and cut off his head. As David held up the giant’s head, the army of Israel ran at the Philistines, who were running for their lives. David used the skills he learned in the wilderness with God and his sheep.




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