More Tales about David

The king was impressed with David. At this time the king being rejected by God was tormented by devils. It was so bad that his advisers suggested that he find a skilled musician to play music to sooth his mind. The king asked who was such a skilled musician. They told him David of Bethlehem. So he was brought to the palace to live and play music for the king. David lived in Jerusalem with the king and played his music. This helped Saul when he was tormented. David met and fell in love with Saul’s youngest daughter, Michal. They married with the king’s permission. Life for David was blessed. As he grew, Saul put him into the army and finally made him a general. David would lead the army of Israel to victory because he was fearless. The people began singing songs about David. The songs said that David would kill his 10,000 and Saul would kill his 1000 troops. Saul became jealous and afraid of David. The king finally decided to kill David so that he wouldn’t become king. Saul’s oldest son and the person next in line to be king, was Jonathan. David and Jonathan loved each as brothers. They would do nothing to harm each other. Jonathan knew that David was the next king. He helped David to escape the king. Saul began chasing David to kill him. David moved into another country to escape Saul. Until King Saul died, he chased David to kill him. But he wasn’t successful. The day that Saul died, Jonathan also died which grieved David. But the kingdom was split and not all the people wanted David as king. So David became King of Judah. He ruled from Hebron for almost 7 years. God never promised that life would be easy. He promised that life would be simple. As the bible says that David’s heart was always after God.


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