King David on the Run

Although God chose David to be king after Saul, he had to wait for God’s timing. This story is about the time that David had to flee for his life. Everyone knew that David was going to be king. And it infuriated Saul. So much so that Saul wanted to kill David. David left the palace in Jerusalem. As he began to run from Saul, God had 600 men, warriors, join David in exile. Near Mount Carmel, there lived a wealthy man named Nabal. He had vast possessions. When his shepherd were watching their flocks, David made sure that no one harm them. As long as David was there, he protected Nabal’s possessions. One day David sent 10 of his servants to ask Nabal if he give them some food. Nabal laughed at them and chased them away. When David heard this, he became angry. He told his men to arm themselves. 400 armed men followed David to Nabal’s house. David swore that not one male of Nabal’s household would survive that day. Nabal had a beautiful and smart wife. When she heard that David was headed to her house armed, she took food and wine and sent it to David. She followed the men going to meet David. When she saw David, she fell on her face and asked to forgive her. She said let the punishment fall on her. David repented and accepted her apology. David took the food and returned to his camp. God literally took the sword out of his hand. Nabal’s wife told him the next day and his heart became like stone. Within 10 days Nabal died. His wife’s name was Abagail. David married her and they had David’s first born son, Absalom. Her wise counsel saved David from shedding innocent blood. She also helped him to rule the kingdom. David was on the run for 10 years and he was king of Israel.


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