Blind, Deaf and Dumb

So many people are blind, deaf and dumb. And their ranks are growing on an expediential rate. It is all because of one thing in their lives. A subject that most people don’t even want to talk about in church. That subject is sin. We were born in sin and condemned to a life in hell. God made a way for man to be able to survive that sin through forgiveness. Then He opened heaven to those who choose Him. If God did all this for mankind, then why do so many people refuse the gift of God? There is a darkness creeping up on this world. Slowly but surely, it is engulfing people not to believe God’s promises. The bible says, that men loved darkness rather than the light of God. Hell is real and not a place to go to. The bible says that in hell there is a worm that turns or a torment that never stops. Can you guess what it is? It is the love of God for every person and the people in hell can never enjoy that love. You don’t know the cost of someone not loving you until it is gone. Then the pain begins. And it is this pain that brings us to God in the first place. It is so simple for anyone to be able to get to God. God made it so that even mankind could approach God. You know what the key is? And it works whether or not we understand or believe in the first place. All we have to be is willing and God will do the rest. So, what is our part in all this? Here is the answer. Just asked God for forgiveness. And He will give it to you. But we have to go to Him and ask. This how it works. So, Ask!


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