The Simple Life

It is funny how our lives become so complicated as we grow older. And we long for the simple life. But when we were children, we longed for the complicated life of an adult. Now most of us wish we had simplicity. How did we get to the situation? We are the ones that built our lives. Step by step, we added to our lives thinking that we were improving our lives. Until we reached that point where we realized that we were carrying our world on our shoulders. I have seen some people crushed by their world. Where some have been able to carry it, but with regrets. Personal, I came to a place where I didn’t like what I saw and wanted better. For a while, I couldn’t find a better way. I was getting frustrated with the whole process. I wanted someone to show me the way. That’s when I met my friend Kevin, who asked me to join their business. In the process, he showed me a better way. I saw that it was better than what I had, and I took the chance. I have never regretted it. My life, although sometimes not easy, has become very simple. All the complications of life I am able to bear with relative ease. Because I listen and accept and followed after God. My life on this earth works like it supposed to. And anyone who needs help or a better way to live can do the same. Just ask Jesus to forgive you and follow after Him.


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