One More Day by Crain Blanchard

If God is willing, I have one more day. Everybody wants to plan for the future. But there is no guaranty for tomorrow. What we have is today. Or more actually, what we have is now. How many people do you know that can really handle now? Look around and see if you are living up to the full potential of now. Doing everything that you can right now. Opening your heart, loving people, feeding the hungry, praying for the sick, visiting the imprisoned or telling people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our world isn’t in the church. It is in the world seeing about the needs of people. Bringing to the lost and dying the truth of the gospel. God didn’t rescue us, clean us up and set us on the right path, to sit on our duffs. Yes, it may hurt like hell to do all these things. But God will use everything that we do for Him. Jesus gave His life, not only at the cross, but as He walked on this earth. Every day, as He said, I must be about my Father’s work. I takes courage and conviction to do that work. Open up to someone this day. Watch what He can do through you. You will be surprised how simple and wonderful it is. When I started with God, I was stopped at a railroad crossing. God says get out of the car and tell everyone that I love them. I froze. Then God began to teach me how to be bold. Everyone goes through it. I have spoken to princes and paupers. I just turn and speak to people. Some are surprised, but no one didn’t like me talking to them. What are you going to do with your now?


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