Over My Shoulder by Crain Blanchard

As I was growing up, my earthly father and I had a strained relationship. There was a time that we didn’t talk to each and only if we had to. I missed out on that relationship I needed to grow up healthy and normal. It wasn’t until I was 28 years old that our relationship was healed. I had 6 years of a wonderful father/son relationship before he died. God restored our faith and trust and love in each other. I miss my dad. The biggest thing I miss is my father seeing what I have become and him looking over my shoulder to see me. My children never knew him. God has taken his place. He has become my Father. My Father sees about me. God does fuss at me when I do wrong. But He tries to stop me beforehand. Also, He is there to encourage me to do right. God sees the future and knows what is going to happen. I depend on that knowledge to steer my life. In 2016, my home was flooded. We had to get out. When we came back to clean up, I was destroyed. My life seemed to be washed away with the flood. God stood behind me and put His hand on my shoulder. He kept telling me, it will be alright. If it had not been for my Father, I would have been completely destroyed. God turns all things to the good, for them that love Him and are called according to His purpose. My Father is there for me. At any time of day, my Father will listen, hear and answer me. He is always there, even if I just want to fellowship with me. He just comes to me and looks over my shoulder.




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