Two Sides to every Coin by Crain Blanchard

There are always two side to everything. It doesn’t mean that they are both right. One side must be right and the other, oh well. Today, I find so many people that are sitting on the fence. Who don’t want to offend anyone. But they are doing is not choosing. It is unfortunate that they don’t understand that they have chosen. They made a choice in their life not to do the right thing. We do the right thing because it is right not convenient. There are many examples of right and wrong. Morals and situational ethics are one. Morals are a standard to be lived up to. Situational ethics are convenient choices in our lives. And I will tell you a truth, situational ethics will kill you. God placed the moral standard in our hearts when we were born. This is why we want to do the right thing. Some how the world gets in the way. And we will lie, steal and cheat to get our way or win. There is another coin, faith and doubt. They are the same coin, because it is another choice. Faith will move mountains. Where doubt will destroy your life. God gives us faith to do the work of the kingdom. But when the enemy comes in, people wonder why they even started. It takes courage and persistence to accomplish your goals on earth, as well as in heaven. Faith is the key to our existence. Don’t lose it. It also the key to our life on this earth. So, are you going to flip that coin? What will come up? My God has paid the price for me and I don’t have to flip that coin. My faith is pleasing to God and I am part of His family. You will always have a choice to make. So, make the right one and live.


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