God’s Existence

We have all wondered whether or not God exists. Especially, when we went through tests and trials. We walk through unbelief and belief almost at the same time. Then we look at His creation and says there has got to be someone more powerful than ourselves. In our neck of the woods, we have giant oak trees. They are stately and tall. A live oak tree can live for a 1000 years. It roots grow as big as it’s trunk. It is home for birds and squirrels. It provides shade during the hottest day. When the wind blows through, it cools off whoever is under it. Hurricanes can’t topple these trees. It’s beauty is for everyone. The branches are so large and thick, they bow down to the earth. where they touch the ground, new roots spout out. This is to support the size of the tree. God created everything to show who He is. Creation, which we are a part of, is pointing in one direction. That direction is God, Himself. We don’t worship the creation, including man, but we worship God alone. But we can take comfort in the works of His hand, knowing that all creation groaneth for the revelation of the sons of God.




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