The Weapons of our Warfare

A young friend came back from fighting in Iraq with my son. We were talking about his wounds and battle. My son’s unit was stationed in Kuwait before moving into Iraq. The army was acclimating to the weather. My son said how brave they talked about the coming battle. They hadn’t tasted the string of battle. When they did, things changed. As I was talking to this young friend of mine, I told him that I would come to his house and tell him about the battles I have fought  yes, I’m in an army, but it isn’t of this earth. You see, my battles are heavenly. I don’t fight against flesh and blood.  I war against principalities,  spiritual wickedness in high places. The weapons of my warfare are mighty unto God. I have a helmet, breastplate, shield, shin guards,  sword and combat boots. I have been fighting this war for my myself, my wife and children,  family as and friends for 40 years. I have won many battles the grace and power of God. My hide is full of scars. They have produced the wisdom of God in my life.  My sword of the spirit is the Word of God.  I am more than proficient.  I am deadly.  But the weapons of my warfare aren’t carnal. I reak havoc on the enemy of God. The point is to read and study the Word of God, pray and do the will of God.

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