What is Prayer about? by Crain Blanchard

When I began with the Lord, I had no working knowledge of God or the bible. I wanted to find out what the bible had to say and who God is. So, I began by having a bible in my house, my car and at the office. I would read at stop lights. I was going to read the bible as a book to see where it was going. It took me 25 years to read it twice from cover to cover. God kept stopping me and teaching me about Himself. I use the KJV bible. I like the flowery wording. All along the way, I was learning about prayer. I carry on conversations with God about anything. God would come shopping with me. He would find deals for me and parking places in the front of the store. I would read about people who were God’s servants that talk to God all the time. I wanted this in my life. Then I realized that I had been doing this from the beginning. Jesus said that He would send a teacher and comforter, the Holy Spirit, into our lives. The Holy Spirit would teach us about God, because He is God. it was a step by step process. But everyone, included non-believers, hear God’s voice. In Jeremiah 31:33, God said that He would write His laws and commandment in our hearts. Do you remember when you were a child and you want to disobey your parents. There was a voice inside of you telling you not to do it. most people just dismissed it as your own conscience. Sorry folks, that was God talking to you. Over the years, the voice of God diminished, until you couldn’t hear it. You want to get your prayers answered and hear the voice of God again. Turn to God and ask Him to forgive you of your sins. Then accept His healing and follow after God. This is prayer.




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