The Rocky Road by Crain Blanchard.

If you have ever been to Israel, you know that is made up of mountains. The only plain is the valley of Jezreel. In fact, that is where the battle of Armageddon will be fought. There is an ancient city on the top of a hill called Megiddo. God   chose this land for the Israelites, because they had to walk up and down the hills to get anywhere. This gave them a lot of exercise and kept them healthy. Also, God chose this land because it was hard to mount a war against Israel on the mountain. It was as they say a rocky road. It hasn’t change very much. Our journey through life is basically up and down and around the mountains. We are set on our feet by God and turn loose on this world. Do you remember when you first came to God? You were on fire and wanted to kill giants. Most people didn’t know what to do you. They should have stepped aside and let you go. I wanted to be Jack the giant killer. And guess what, I did. I didn’t let anyone stop me. Many Christians didn’t want to even fellowship with me. And I would find a few giant killlers and we would fellowship. What it was, I was on fire for God and the only ones who get near had to be on fire too. It is still the same. But we are coming to the end of time and Christians need to focus. The approaching darkness is surrounding us. You don’t want to wake in the middle of the night, when you can’t work, and regret your life. God loves everyone, but He doesn’t send people to hell. People have to chose to go to hell. And the most wonderful thing is that God loves everyone, even in hell. As they say, down here in the country, Pick your choose. Because it is forever.


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