A Need to go through Samaria.

Jesus’s ministry was progressing nicely. The pharisees and scribes were getting jealous and angry. People were beginning to follow and believe Him. Jesus was in Jerusalem and knew He needed to leave. They didn’t take the regular route to Galilee. They went through Samaria. Jews didn’t go through Samaria. They considered them half breeds, half jew and half heathen. So everyone took the road around. Jesus and the disciples went a days journey to Jacob’s well. The disciples went into the town to get food. A woman from Samaria came to get water. Jesus asked her to get Him some water. The amazed woman asked Him why being a jew. Jesus began to explain the gospel to her. At first she got all religious on Him. Then Jesus told her about her life. Then she began to believe. The disciples came and were amazed that Jesus was talking to a samaritan. The kingdom of God is for everyone, even the outcast and socially unacceptable. For God isn’t a respecter of persons. It is the heart of man that He judges.

Crain Blanchard.



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