Against all Odds #2.

After the Magi had visited Jesus, the angel, Gabriel came to Joseph and told him to go to Egypt. Herod was seeking Jesus’s life. In the middle of the night, Joseph took his family to Egypt. Herod sent his army to Bethlehem and killed every child up to 2 years old. Joseph kept his family in Egypt until Herod died. On returning to Israel, Herod’s son, Antipater ruled in Jerusalem. Joseph went to Nazareth. How would you like to be responsible for Jesus, knowing people were trying to kill Him. When Jesus was 12, He was old enough to go to Passover in Jerusalem. When passover ended, Joseph and Mary packed everything and left with the caravan, believing that Jesus was with the other boys. After a days journey, He wasn’t there. They hurried back to Jerusalem to find Him in the temple. His mother let Him have it. Jesus answered His mother correctly. As the bible says that He submitted to His parents and went home with them. Why worry, because Herod’s son was still looking for Him. It wasn’t time for Jesus to start His ministry. So, against all odds, Jesus lived His life in Nazareth.

Crain Blanchard.

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