The Closing Events: Passover.

When John the Baptist first saw Jesus, he said, ‘Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world’. Jesus is the Lamb (The Passover Lamb), the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He is the Lamb of God slain from the foundations of the world (Rev.13:8).
The Passover lamb had to be spotless and unblemished. It was examined for 3 days before it was accepted and killed by the chief priests. Jesus entered Jerusalem on the 1st day of the week and began teaching in the Temple for 3 days.
The religious leaders saw all the people going out to meet Jesus and made this comment, ‘the whole world had gone after him’. That evening, Jesus and disciples went to Bethany.
The next morning, Jesus and his disciples came back to Jerusalem. On the way, Jesus was hungry. He went to a fig tree, but the tree had no fruit. He spoke to the tree and cursed it. They went on to the temple. Jesus saw the Jews defiling the Temple by making it a den of thieves and chased them out. Then Jesus and his disciples returned to Bethany. Matt.21:12-22; Mark 11:12-26; Luke 19:45-48; John 12:20-50; Isa.6:10.
Jesus and his disciples returned to Jerusalem. They passed the fig tree Jesus had cursed. It was now withered. As they enter the temple, Jesus began to teach. The religious leaders came to him and asked by what authority he taught. Jesus asked them a question. Where was John the Baptist’s baptism from? The religious leaders answered that they didn’t know, for they feared judgement and the people. In doing so, Jesus stripped them of all authority. For a teacher could never say he didn’t know the answer. Neither did Jesus answer their question.
Controversy about paying tribute to Caesar.
Controversy with the Sadducees about the resurrection.
Jesus commends the liberality of the poor widow.
The Jews reject Jesus.
Anointing of Jesus by Mary at Bethany.
Judas arranges to betray Jesus.
So the Passover Lamb was inspected for 3 days and no flaws were found in him. Matt.21:20-26:16; Mark 11:19-14:11; Luke 20:1-22:6; John 12:2-8.

Crain Blanchard.

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