The Church working it out.

Paul was at Antioch. The people responded to the gospel. So much so, that the saints in Jerusalem wanted to see for themselves. Peter had been there. He living among the gentiles and didn’t exactly follow the dietary laws as a Jew. When the saints arrived from Jerusalem, Peter then separated himself from the gentiles. Paul saw this and called him a hypocrite. It started a fight in the church. Were the new believers to follow the law of Moses? The church at Jerusalem did. Paul said no. They are gentiles aren’t required to follow them. The dispute couldn’t be resolved in Antioch. The leaders of the church had to come together. So, Paul, Barnabus, Peter and the rest of the saints from Jerusalem went there. As they assembled, they began to pray and seek God. God told them that the gentiles aren’t required to follow the law of Moses. They are required to follow the covenant of Noah. This was a covenant given to all of mankind. So, the church came to an agreement. The followers of the covenant of Noah are called the followers of the way, the truth and the life.

Crain Blanchard.

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