The Church: the story of John Mark.

In the garden of gethsemane when Jesus was praying, the soldiers of the high priest came to get Him. There was a young man with the 12 apostles. His name was John Mark, the gospel of Mark. When the soldiers took Jesus, they tried to took all of the disciples. But everyone ran away. The soldiers grab John Mark’s clothes, but he slip out them and ran away.

The council in Jerusalem was about 50 AD. In chapter 15 of Acts of the Apostles, Paul and Barnabas separated over a young disciple, John Mark. John had gone with Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary journey, but departed because it was too hard for him to stay. Paul didn’t want him back. A fight ensued and Paul and Barnabas separated. Barnabas took Mark and went to Cyprus and Paul and Silas went to Asia Minor.

Crain Blanchard.

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