The Church: Paul before Felix.

Paul was taken to Caesarea by the Romans. The Jewish leaders want to kill Paul. Felix waited until the religious leaders came to him. Felix was married to Drucilla, a Jewess. She had told him about the followers of the Way, Jesus. So he understood some what. They all gathered in the judgement hall. Felix let the religious leaders speak first. They accused Paul of everything they could. When Paul spoke, he explained that he wasn’t guilty of anything, except that he believed in the resurrection of the dead. Felix said he would wait for the Captain of the Garrison to come and tell his side. Paul remained a captive, but was free to have any visitors. During this time, Felix and his wife had Paul to come and talk to them about Jesus. Paul was there by the plan of God. The plan was working exactly like God wanted. Paul was going to preach the gospel to kings and rulers. Sometimes we are in the oddest plan to preach the gospel. If we forget about ourselves and let God lead us wherever, the gospel will be preach to the uttermost parts of the world. Acts 24.

Crain Blanchard.

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