The Church: Paul before Festus.

Luke has been traveling with Paul for several years. Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles. He has been at Paul’s side all the time. Paul has been held at Caesarea since he was captured in Jerusalem. No one has been able to prove that he did anything but teach the word of God. The Jewish religious leaders hate Paul because he is a follower of Jesus and was one of them before. A new governor comes to the land of Israel. Festus went to Jerusalem and the chief priest immediately went to Festus and told him of Paul. They wanted him to send Paul to Jerusalem, so they could kill him. Festus said they had to come to Caesarea to face Paul and talk to him about it. As soon as Festus returned, the religious leaders were before him. After everybody spoke, Festus asked Paul if he would go to Jerusalem. Paul appealed to Caesar. Festus said, to Caesar you will go. Paul had done nothing wrong, but God had a plan for him. He was going to preach the gospel before kings. Paul stayed in captivity at Caesarea for about 2 years. God’s plan will lead you from here to there to accomplish what God wants. If you are willing the kingdom of heaven will unfold before you. And God will be glorified.

Crain Blanchard.

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