The Church: Paul before kings.

Paul was still in Caesarea. King Agrippa had come there for a meet and greet. Festus had asked Agrippa to hear this Paul, because he had no accusations against him. He couldn’t send Paul to Caesar without them. Festus, Agrippa and the whole entourage came to listen to Paul. He began to speak and tell his story from the beginning. As Paul talked about Jesus, His death and resurrection, Festus jumped up as said, Paul you are mad and beside yourself. When Jesus is preached, people react differently. You never know what they will do. Because when God touches your heart, it will shakes you to your core. King Agrippa said, Paul you almost persuade me to be a Christian. Afterward, Festus and Agrippa talked. They both said Paul has done nothing worthy of death. He would be free except he appealed to Caesar. Paul knew he would stay in captivity if he appealed to Caesar. The plan of God in your life is more important than what you think or say. We sing that old song, I surrender all. Would to God that everyone would.

Crain Blanchard.

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