The Church: Paul headed to Rome.

Paul and his companions boarded the ship with a Roman Centurion, soldiers and the rest of the prisoners. There were 296 people on the small sailing ship. They sent out in the middle of winter in the Mediterranean sea. At first, the weather was accommodating. Then the winds blow contrary. They sailed close to land as possible. Paul spoke to the captain and centurion that they should winter in Crete. He said there is a real possibility of losing the ship and lives. Both the captain and centurion disagreed. They sailed on. Then arose a storm. The bible calls it a tempest called Euroclydon. The storm lasted 14 days. They couldn’t sail but let the ship be driven by the wind. They came close to land and the crew wanted to jump ship. Paul told the Centurion. He stopped them. Paul told them that they must all stay together if they are to survive. They headed to shore and ran aground on Malta. There they wintered. Even if you are doing the will of God, it doesn’t mean that you will not go through trials. Paul knew where he was going and it did bother him how he got there. God was in control and would take care of him. (Acts 27).

Crain Blanchard.

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