The Church: Timeline.

Time: 58-60AD. Paul in Caesarea, summer 58 to fall 60AD.

Gospel: Luke – 60AD. written by Luke with Paul in Caesarea.

Gospel: Matthew – 60 AD. written by Matthew in Persia.

Epistle: James – 60AD. James, brother of Jesus, Pastor of Judean church, writes to believing Jews scattered abroad. He wrote about the proofs of faith, faith justifies the man and works justify the faith. It is about trials, tribulation, faith, works, the tongue and godliness in all things. James was killed shortly before the Romans took Jerusalem.

Ch.27:1-44;28:1-15 Paul’s journey to Rome, shipwrecked.
Ch.28:16-31 Paul in Rome.

Time: 60-61AD. Paul’s journey to Rome, winter 60AD.

Epistle: Titus – Paul on his way to Rome, leaves Titus in Crete, writes to Him. He wrote to Titus about appointing elders, bishops, and pastors, to teach sound doctrine, and maintain good works. Titus became the bishop of Crete and died there of old age. Paul made his way to Rome. Where he was housed by himself with a soldier. Believers, when they found out that Paul was in Rome, came to him. Paul preached the kingdom to everyone, including Caesar himself.

Crain Blanchard.

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