The Church: 1st Century.

Time: 60-61AD. Paul’s journey to Rome, winter 60AD.

Epistle: Titus – Paul on his way to Rome, leaves Titus in Crete, writes to Him. He wrote to Titus about appointing elders, bishops, and pastors, to teach sound doctrine, and maintain good works. Titus became the bishop of Crete and died there of old age.

Time:61-63AD. Paul in Rome for 2 years.

Epistle: Hebrews – written from Rome, Pauline Epistle. Written to believers in Jerusalem who were about to be driven out by the Roman army. It was to reassure them that their faith was in Jesus Christ, not in the temple or the sacrifices. It is about the Person of Jesus Christ, the work of Calvary and the elements of the Faith Life.

Epistle: 1 Timothy – Pastoral Letter. Paul sent Timothy to pastor the Church at Ephesus. The Church was made up of hundreds of Home Churches. During the 1st Century, Ephesus was the center of Christianity. There were hundreds of pastors and leaders. Paul wrote this letter for Timothy to instruct all of these pastors.

Gospel: Mark – 62 AD. – written by John Mark in Rome with Paul in prison.

Paul wasn’t the only apostle, he did evangelize the Romans empire and write many books of the bible. Peter came to Rome to see about Paul. John Mark traveled with him and stayed in Rome with Paul. James the elder was killed in Jerusalem by Herod. His brother John was the bishop of Jerusalem. Doubting Thomas went to India. Philip went to Asia Minor. Matthew went to Africa. James the lesser became bishop of Jerusalem after John went to Ephesus. Judas Thaddeus went to Armenia. Each man was called of God and went where God planned. All the apostles were martyred except John, the son of Zebedee. Each person was called and equipped by God to work in the kingdom of Heaven. So, what are you called to do for God?

Crain Blanchard.

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