Being where God is.

Everyone wants the things of God, like healing or salvation. And people get upset with God when He apparently doesn’t answer their prayer. But most people don’t understand that we have a part to play in receiving God’s answer. The children of Israel refused to meet God at Mount Sinai, because they didn’t want to die. But that was their part in God’s answer. They missed God’s blessing because of fear. The bible says that we are to draw near to God before He draws near to us (James 4:8). God may call us or woe us to His presence, but we have to answer the call. We answer the call by moving into the presence of God. So, what happens when we are the call of God? There are multiple things that happen. As we move into the light of God, we will see ourselves as we truly are. Our heart will be revealed, and God can deal with us. The children of Israel were half right when they said they would die. We have to die to ourselves to enter into the presence of God. When we die to ourselves, then we can receive from God. This is the work of God. But our part is to be willing to die and to follow. God will not force us to do anything. We must choose to follow God. So, if we want God to do something for us or for a prophecy or vision to come true, we must be where God is. This is our part to play in God’s plan.

This is the link to the book.

Crain Blanchard.

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