Me, Myself and Mine.

This is a statement of selfishness or being self-centered. I just watched a video about a fire in the UK. These people live in Scotland. The fire was on the mountain that they lived on. Their neighbors gathered at their house because it was the closest place their could see the fire and their homes. The fire was halfway down the mountain. The people looked at and talk to their neighbors about the fire. They began to feel guilty about their concerns about their property. When their neighbor’s houses were in the direct path of the fire. They began to feel compassion for their fellow man. Our nation’s highest military honor is for selflessness, even unto death. But when these ordinary people who served our country with honor return home, we disregard them. Did you know that there are approximately 75,000 homeless veterans? My wife works for a rehab hospital. The other day a homeless veteran came to the hospital. He came with no clothes. 3 of my 4 sons are veterans. She asked if we would give clothes to the veteran. We did. The hospital worked with the VA to help the veteran. Helping this man is not the responsibility of the government. It is our responsibility to help those in need. Compassion is an important part of our life. It is because it is not out of necessity, but out of love for our fellow man. Everybody has so much stuff and we can only do so much. But if you really look at what you have and what you can give, it is amazing. The most valuable thing that we own is our time. It is not our money or possessions. What you can do is more important than your wealth. But I do not have any time. That is not true. You have your lifetime. It is time to prioritize your life to where it is controllable. Then give of yourself to someone else, expecting nothing in return.

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Crain Blanchard.

One thought on “Me, Myself and Mine.

  1. Crain Blanchard, Thank You Again for Your Clear , direct
    Admonishment and suggested remedies how to Love
    People To God and to Share what We do have with Those
    Every Pilgrim lost and hurting alongside The Road every
    Where ! 🙏👑🎚☝️🙌🙌🙌, Brother Lawrence

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